Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Analysis

eBizVisibility is happy to provide a courtesy introductory review of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) strategy. Our free SEO / SEM analysis and consultation is oriented towards general improvements to your strategy to get the best return on investment from your Internet marketing budget. Whether you are a business owner, marketing director or web professional for a business needing search engine visibility, our courtesy consultation will introduce you to advantages of search engine optimization and marketing. We'll explain the opportunities and the ways in which we can drive your target audience to your business.

To get started with a free SEO / SEM consultation contact eBizVisibility in Vermont.

Detailed SEO / SEM Analysis and Consultations

For those seeking deeper professional recommendations, you may choose a custom SEO / SEM analysis which includes a written report. This is appropriate for those looking for detailed professional advice to use in-house, an objective third party SEO / SEM professional to do an evaluation of your current search engine visibility or to determine how eBizVisibility can best help you reach your business goals. Custom reports include actionable, strategic and tactical improvements that you can make to optimize your website and the SEM campaign, to meet your goals.

Reports may include:

  • Local SEO Opportunities
  • Missing Keyword Opportunities
  • Beneficial Inbound Link Recommendations
  • Beneficial Directory Listings
  • Recommended SEO Copy Editing & Content Revision
  • SEO Recommendations with respect to Guidelines of Code & Internal Website Structure
  • Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign Optimization Recommendations
  • Web Redesign and Ease-of-Use Recommendations
  • Landing Page Analysis & Recommendations

Contact eBizVisibility to get started now with a free phone consultation or to request a thorough search engine optimization and marketing analysis and report.