Social Media Optimization Services

Social media is an important component to building an online presence for your business and for increasing your customer base. Popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, are widely used to connect businesses to their customers. Social networking is appropriate for businesses of all sizes, from small localized businesses in a specific geographic market, to medium-sized services companies and the big brands that we all know.

Benefits of Social Networking

Social media has changed the marketing landscape, enabling you to spread your message in a matter of hours to hundreds and thousands of fans or followers. Social networking signals, generated by sharing your posts, also affect search engine rankings. The more active you and your audience are, the better the chance of boosting your visibility in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Another benefit of social media is that your business is viewed as friendly and transparent. People who engage with you via social media will feel more connected to you and your business. You can reward your customers for their interest in your business, engage them in conversation and develop new customers through referrals and recommendations. Recommendations carry credibility because they are coming from friends and associates who are trusted more than corporate spin.

The Value of 3rd Party Influence

The real value of social media is not connecting with your target audience(s) directly. Attracting fans or followers who influence others and get people talking about you and your business is a level of endorsement that doesn’t happen with direct communications. As with any marketing communications, no one solution is the magic pill for success. It’s how they work in concert. Each supporting the other and contributing to the end result.

Social Media Management

eBizVisibility can provide you with a strategy, tailored specifically to your business, that will get you visible and active in social networks. Certain types of businesses are more apt to benefit from social networking; it’s not effective for every business. It also takes time, commitment and a strong plan. Some find that it takes too much of their valuable time. We offer services not only to create a strategy, but also to implement it and keep it active and engaging.

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