Google Analytics and Web Traffic Analysis Services

You can save time and advertising dollars using Website Analytics data to understand how your business is performing online. Instead of measuring hits and visits to your site, you need to understand your visitor's behavior. Ultimately you want to understand what drives online visitors to become customers.

Google Analytics

All web hosting companies provide web traffic statistics about your site's visitors, but a good website analytics solution, like Google Analytics, is what you need to improve your online business. Google Analytics tracks more than just Google traffic; it tracks all visitor traffic to your website and provides insightful data about visitor behavior. In addition to organic and referral traffic, Google Analytics can track all of your paid advertising campaigns, no matter what the source. Even visits and conversions from sponsored ads in Bing and Yahoo (from Bing Ads) can be tracked in Google Analytics. A bonus is that Google Analytics is free.

Tracking Your Customers & Their Behavior

Tracking how many times visitors take the actions you want them to take allows you to measure ROI on marketing campaigns. This can be set up through Google Analytics goal tracking with customized goals for your online business. Goals may include newsletter signups, registrations for an event, an inquiry into your services or an eCommerce purchase of a product. Through Google Analytics you can do the analysis and monitoring yourself or hire us as analytics consultants for custom reporting, analysis and optimization.