Increase Internet Revenue

Your business is visible on the web and your messages are getting out there, but you aren't getting the sales or leads to justify your Internet marketing spend. Do you know what is working? What isn't? Where you're at risk? Why your competition is doing better than you? What additional strategies you could use?

If you answered no to any of these questions, we recommend starting with a search engine marketing analysis and consultation to allow us to learn about your business, target audience and current strategies. We will make recommendations for how you can get the competitive edge.

To allow us to understand how we can best help you, we highly recommend use of a website analytics tool that tracks your visitors and their behavior. If you aren't using a good analytics program now, then consider adding Google Analytics tracking to your website. It's free and very powerful. Not only does it give you visitor intelligence, you can measure the ROI from your Internet efforts — an exercise that is far more specific and accurate than measuring any off-line advertising.

Let us help you by measuring Internet marketing results, determining your return on investment, and providing recommendations for improvements. See our services outlined below or contact us directly.

SEO/SEM Analysis & Consultation

  • Get the facts on your website's visibility
  • Find out how to improve Internet advertising ROI
  • Increase conversions and become more profitable

Web Analytics Consulting

  • Understand your website visitor behavior
  • Get Google Analytics set up and integrated
  • Track website goals and visitor conversions

Landing Page Optimization

  • Entice your visitors with a professional design
  • Increase the relevance of the page to search queries
  • Convert visitors to customers with strong calls-to-action